Friday Favorites: September Sunsets

Hey everyone! How’s it going?! Seriously, how is it September already. Fall is coming up quick and it feels like the weather just up and turned on us too. It was so beautiful and sunny and now I’m trying to remember the last day it didn’t rain! So this post is an homage to all of the wonderful September summer sunsets we’ve seen on our feed this past week. Take a moment to bask in the sunlight streaming in on your desktop or phone. 😜

-the #coquigirlgang

This is the gram that inspired the post for this week! How gorgeous of a photo is that? The sun represents the spark between them. So romantic!

This might not be a sunset, yet we love the sunset-inspired colors! This dress would look amazing in sooo many gold hour photos 😍

I love the caption on this one! It gave me a good laugh. Also, can't get enough of the red against the sand and sun rays cascading over the landscape.

Obsessed with this jewelry glowing in the evening light ✨

This last picture is #goals. ugh I die.